How Add Impact & Drama to Your Architecture Photos

Buildings and structures are more than just the materials of which they are made. They serve a purpose, whether industrial, ornamental, or pedestrian. Frankly, they are great subjects to photograph. Iconic structures can be a monument to an important event or even become a landmark and symbol of an entire city or country like the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.

washington monument

With the incredible variety of structures that are in place around the world, it can seem like an overwhelming task to make your photos stand out. Creative Kit is the “ace up your sleeve.”

Quickly and easily remove distracting elements from your images with Snapheal, then move them to Intensify CK to reveal hidden details with innovative tools like Pro Contrast, Structure and Micro Sharpness. These potent adjustments add a level of polish to your images that is difficult or impossible to achieve in other tools.

Intensify CK

Intensify CK


Snapheal CK

Another creative way to showcase architecture images is to convert them to black and white images with Tonality CK. One-click presets, neatly organized by category, make it easy to achieve just the right look for your image. You can even customize existing presets, save your own, or combine multiple adjustments to create a perfect image.

Tonality CK

Tonality CK

For architectural and street images in particular, Tilt-shift and miniature lens effects can also be powerful tools to make architecture images stand out. The problem is that they usually require specialized tools and expensive equipment. With Focus CK you can simulate convincing lens effects with built-in presets, or use simple sliders to craft an image that looks like it was created with costly hardware.

Focus CK

Focus CK

When trying to enhance a night or action shot, start with Noiseless. Experiment with controls to go beyond the instant results, that presets deliver.

Noiseless CK

Noiseless CK

Creative Kit 2016 is a powerful and creative set of tools designed for Mac users that will make your architectural images – be they indoor or outdoor – the envy of your friends.

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  1. This looks like a great product. After reading the article I went to research the product only to find it is for Mac users only. This is the second such article posted on the site that doesn’t give that information in the article. It would have been nice to know that this article was relevant for Mac users only.

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