High Tech Photography Techniques for Aspen Campaign

The inherent risks of bringing a helicopter into a ski resort for a photo shoot are considerably dangerous considering how easily an avalanche can be triggered. But, when Chase Jarvis was assigned a job which required him to shoot on location in Aspen, Colorado, the photographer came up with a very clever workaround to the situation: a drone helicopter. Take a look at some of the behind the scenes footage:

The drone (pictured below) had a Canon 5D attached to it, which was triggered remotely by Jarvis from the ground.

drone helicopter

Here is just one example of the quality work the drone/5D combo captured:

aerial photography

Jarvis took the slopes himself to capture some stunning photographs of professional skiers and snowboarders doing their thing:

high technology photoshootextreme sports photography

“We have a little video camera that goes through the viewfinder of the 5D [on the drone] that sends the video down to [Chase’s] glasses.”

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One response to “High Tech Photography Techniques for Aspen Campaign”

  1. Mike Penney says:

    Making commercial photos from unmanned flying platforms is currently illegal in the united states…. and has been for several years. Not likely to be changed soon. The government workers with guns and badges think they own the right to spy on everyone and donlt want the airspace cluttered with real estate photographers or movie makers.

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