Commercial High-Speed Photography Demonstrations

Beautiful, Clean, Simple, and Bold: These are a few of the words that describe Karl Taylor’s photographic work. For over 15 years, Taylor has been doing photography work, the most popular and successful of which has been his commercial images. His work is minimalistic, yet engaging. The camera shown is a Hasselblad H4D-50 used in combination with high-speed strobes:

Beyond Taylor’s commercial and advertising photography, he has also begun giving live demonstrations at photography exhibitions. At the recent Focus on Imaging Show, Taylor gave a demonstration of high-speed flash photography with his Hasselblad and a Broncolor Scorro pack. The demo involved smashing two wine glasses together.

As you can see in the video, the show was very popular, and for good reason. Too many vendors at shows focus on displaying their products and giving out information rather than showing what you can do with the product and teaching the show goers something new that they can use.

colorful paint high speed basketball photography

A staple in Taylor’s photography is high-speed images with colorful paints

crowd demonstration photography

A large group of people gather to watch Taylor’s high-speed photography demo of smashing two wine glasses together

Taylor’s demonstration is practical and, even if may be a bit beyond the means of most photographers gearwise, it inspires.

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    awesome. and yes, it’s more than I can afford.

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