High Fashion Photography Video Tutorial

Come along as Aaron Nace takes us behind the scenes of a high fashion photo shoot. The video clip is chock-full of helpful tips and pointers aimed at helping you improve your photography:

The shoot, which took place in an old Chicago bank vault, had tons of design details present in the set, so it was up to Nace to pair the model and style of the shoot with the location. Ultimately, he decided to have the model pose on the vault door to give the images an edgy and original look.

high fashion photography

Fashion Shot Before Post-Processing

The next step was to set up the lighting. Using multiple Einstein strobes, Nace put color gels on the lights to create color and add drama. He set up one light inside the vault with a red gel, added a fill with a turquoise gel to give the stainless steel vault door some color, and lit the model with a light covered with an orange gel to produce a golden skin tone.


Final Image

In the video, Nace not only gives a behind the scenes look at his process, he also provides lots of valuable tips and tricks for photographers hoping to add high fashion photography to their repertoire.

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