Here’s a Sneak Peek at Lightroom CC’s Dehaze Tool

How many times have you given up on a photo because it just didn’t look the way you were hoping? Sometimes photos of the outdoors turn out hazy; sometimes haze increase the photo’s artistic value but sometimes it just looks messy. Terry White gives us a sneak peek of a new Lightroom tool that can solve this problem:

The tool is a single slider that reduces haze or even adds haze to create a more dramatic photo.

add or reduce haze

Lightroom Dehaze Slider

When reducing the haze in a landscape photo you bring back some of the color, detail, and contrast that the haze was covering before. When adding haze you can create a more dream-like feel.

before dehaze

Before Dehaze Slider

reduce haze in lightroom

After Dehaze Slider

Keep your eyes out for this update to Lightroom CC!

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