Growing on Instagram as a Photographer

If you ask photographers about their social media of choice, Instagram will most likely top the chart. Because the platform isn’t limited to photographers, and general users do use it extensively, it grants us photographers access to a huge number of potential followers. But as Instagram has matured through the years, getting noticed on the platform has become more challenging. So much so that many photographers get frustrated with the saturation of the market making it difficult to grow a following. In today’s video, we have photographer Ted Forbes sharing some tips to help you grow your Instagram:

While nobody really understands the algorithm that Instagram uses, you’ll still see many people blaming the algorithm for their work’s poor performance. But, put simply, Instagram wants its users to keep using the app as much as possible. This way, it can show you more ads and generate more revenue for itself. As a result, it ends up looking for the most engaging content to serve the audience.

So, as Forbes rightly suggests, don’t go after cracking the algorithm. Instead, look at the broader picture and create engaging content. This way, you will end up having greater chances to succeed on Instagram.

The first thing that you need to look at is, “Am I delivering the kind of work that people want to look at?”

Besides the post and the quality of the post, Forbes also points out the importance of using the various methods of posting on Instagram. You can not only post single images but series of images and videos as well. Then there are also stories, reels, and IGTV. If you’re not taking advantage of all of these mediums, you’re missing out on a lot of potential to grow. So try not to limit yourself to just posting your photos. Use these options on Instagram to talk about your process, behind the scenes, and even for inviting discussions.

If you’ve been struggling to grow on Instagram, be sure to check out the entire video. The insightful information that Forbes shares will definitely help you out.

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