GoPro Lets You Be Superman For A Day

GoPro, the small and powerful action camera, has taken the world of photography by storm. The affordable camera allows photographers to take great quality images and video on the go. As more and more people start using the tiny device, we begin to see more and more creative media hitting the internet. For example, the video clip below shows what the team behind Corridor Digital was able to do with their GoPro and a Phantom II drone:

The drone allowed the crew to take aerial footage from across Los Angeles without the expense of using an actual helicopter. They just mounted a GoPro onto the quadcopter and flew the camera above the city. With the help of a video transmitter on the Phantom drone, a live feed of the GoPro footage was sent to a monitor on the ground to help the photographers compose the shots.


(Via PetaPixel)

The rest of the magic, such as making Superman’s arms appear in the frames, was done in post production—along with speeding up some of the footage and splicing sequences of shots together.

Want to make a Superman video of your own? Take a look at the behind-the-scenes footage to see how the team was able to create the creative clip:

Technology is proving once again that the possibilities are endless. What was initially created to be an accessible sports and action camera has become a staple in many photographers’ gear bags.

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