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After taking photos for some time, it’s natural to feel stuck at a certain level. The improvement that you see in your work is not always as drastic as when you were just starting out. But, when you look at the work of great photographers, you will notice that those images definitely have some edge. They look truly great. But how did they get there? Importantly, how do you take the jump from being a good photographer to being a great one? Photographer Nigel Danson shares some tips and tricks to take your photography to the next level:

Photos that are technically correct are not necessarily great ones. They have to have something special; the wow factor. They should be able to evoke a strong emotion, or a strong mood.

“It’s emotion and mood that make those super special photos.”

What makes it more difficult is that both emotion and mood are subjective. And, they are abstract as well. There’s no tool to measure them. Emotions are reflected by the subject’s expressions, and how it interacts with the other elements in the image, or with the camera. Mood on the other hand can be dictated by a lot of things. Lighting, contrast, the color tones all affect the mood in an image.

Another important aspect that you’d want to consider to make your images great is to ensure that the image talks. Great images tell a story. They give the viewers something to think about.

And then there’s things like interesting elements in the image that add life to it. A plain landscape may be interesting as it is. But think of how including some other elements can make it even better. Such elements could be anything – be it a cloud, mist, birds, or even a person.

If you’ve been feeling that you could do so much better but had no idea where to start, try out these pointers from Danson. They are definitely worth giving a shot. Keep on practicing and incorporate these ideas, and you’ll get there.

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