Getting Creative with Ice Photography

Not everyone is a fan of winter. The ground gets slippery and the world becomes much more difficult. But, like with most other challenges, icy conditions are also great opportunities (and good reasons) for us to go out and take some photos. After all, it’s not every day that we come across such beautiful forms of nature. In today’s video, photographer Pierre T. Lambert takes us behind the scenes of what it’s like to go around taking photos when it’s icy outside:

Icy locations can be great for some close-up detailed shots, as well as for taking environmental portraits. The plain white look that you get in such locations creates a great opportunity for you to emphasize the subject as any other color will beautifully pop against the white surrounding.

Look around for unique and interesting ice formations. Even those in isolation can be good subjects for your image. Also, see if you use those icy structures as props and add some interest to other images.

In the video, you’ll also get to see some risks involved in working in icy locations. Things are pretty slippery and it gets worse as the sun starts melting the ice. This poses a risk not only to you but also to your equipment. So, while you enjoy taking photos in icy conditions, also be sure to pay the utmost care to stay safe as well.

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