Fox Attempts to Eat a GoPro Camera

Apparently photographers aren’t the only ones who can appreciate a good GoPro camera. The team from Open Lens Productions was photographing wildlife on Round Island, Alaska, when one of them spotted a fox nearby. Knowing that foxes are notoriously curious, one photographer put his GoPro HERO3+ on the ground hoping to get a close-up. This is what happened:

When this video went viral, many people wondered if the fox ate the GoPro simply because it was hungry. But all is well on that account: though the fox looks very skinny in this video, it was actually not starving. The team found the fox’s den while looking for the camera, and they found the floor littered with seabird carcasses. A fox’s shaggy summer coat often makes it look like a wet dog or cat—super thin. Also, the wide-angle lens of a GoPro often distorts things that are close up and, in this case, makes the fox look much thinner than it is. (Via PetaPixel)

The folks from Open Lens Productions believe the fox was simply curious about the camera—not really even intending to eat it. Thankfully it didn’t; all the parts were found in a heap next to the camera itself.

Fox Eats Gopro Camera

Fox vs. GoPro

The Takeaway

  • Never leave your GoPro on the ground when trying to film curious creatures (or any creatures at all, probably).
  • Always keep the cover on your GoPro when filming.
  • Learning to track is not a bad thing when filming wildlife!

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