Flower Photography Basics

Who doesn’t love flowers? They’re not just beautiful to look at but are equally fantastic subjects to photograph. Their vibrant colors, interesting shapes, and striking details, all make flowers brilliant subjects to photograph. Also, the fact that you usually don’t need to look too far to find some flowers is an added bonus. So if you are a beginner photographer, it’s a great idea to go out and photograph some flowers. In this video, team B&H presents some handy tips and tricks to do just that:

In this video, you’ll find out what kind of gear you can use, some compositional tips, and some tricks to  work with artificial lighting when photographing flowers.

As far as gear is concerned, it depends on what kind of shots you want to get. If you want to capture those intricate details, a macro lens is what you’ll need. Otherwise, you can use a telephoto lens, or a fast prime lens longer than 50mm to isolate the flower from its background.

“A lousy background can ruin an image and needs to be taken into consideration for every photo.”

When composing your photos, make sure that the flower you’re photographing isn’t cluttered amongst leaves or other flowers. Choose one that stands out on its own, and be sure to try out various angles and experiment with different backgrounds. Remember, your background has the potential to either make or break your photo. Be sure to check out the video to see how you can also use custom backgrounds to make the flowers pop.

What other techniques do you know for taking better flower photos? Let us know in the comments.

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