Film Photography: 8 Tips & Hacks

With most of us growing up in the world of digital photography, film photography has become something of a novelty or challenge to try out. It sounds and feels fun to do. If you too want to try your luck with film photography, Willem Verbeeck has a video just for you. Since we are not accustomed to using film, we could definitely use some knowledge in this matter. In this video, he shares 8 of his tips and tricks for film photography:

Verbeek shares some useful tips that come in handy when working with film. For instance, he shows you how you can load your film in case the leader is not accessible. And he tells you what can you do in case you accidentally rewind the film midway through. These are some things we don’t come across in digital photography. It can thus be a frustrating experience if you’re not familiar with what to do.

He also shares with you a great resource to help you with every facet of film photography. Whether you’re a beginner or you want to seriously pursue film as your media, you’ll gain a lot from it. Then, he also shows you some ways you can take care of your camera, accessories, and especially film. You’ll be surprised by how you can extend the film’s life even beyond the expiry date.

Finally, he also talks about how you can take better photos by investing a little in a flash and an external light meter. Since you can’t immediately judge whether you nailed your exposure or not when using a film camera, such small investments can really help you improve your efficiency and quality of work.

Which one was your favorite trick? Do you have any other film photography tips to share? Let us know in the comments.

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