Eye-Pleasing Examples of Symmetry in Photography

Symmetry is a mapping of figures in geometry, and through the lens of a camera, it’s something that puts a scene in harmony and makes the composition more pleasing to the eye. How often do we even see it? How often do we notice that the left and right side of the subject are balanced? These are some of interesting examples of symmetry in photography. Check it out:

stairs, symmetry

photo by Doris Hausen

plane, symmetry

photo by Victor Camilo

basement, symmetry

photo by Phil Hilfiker

india, train, symmetry

photo by Pascal Böhme

tunnel, symmetry

photo by Carl Jones

building, symmetry

photo by svenwerk

orange, metro, symmetry

photo by John Hietter

Symmetry is just one of 9 essential composition rules for new photographers. See what more there is!

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2 responses to “Eye-Pleasing Examples of Symmetry in Photography”

  1. Lois Bryan says:

    GREAT examples!!! Tweeted!

  2. Kristina Josic says:

    Thank you, Lois!

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