Exploring Miniature Photography With a LEGO Minifigure

Armed with nothing but a LEGO minifigure and an iPhone, British photographer Andrew Whyte travels around Britain capturing some rather unique photographs. Whyte poses the little LEGO guy, who has a tiny plastic camera, in front of various real life scenes and takes his portrait. Watch a short interview with the photographer:

The pair have been all around the country, never letting a photo op pass them up:

portrait photography

A LEGO minifigure with a camera inspired the project.

Whyte started his project using his DSLR, but wasn’t happy with the perspectives he could get of the toy due to the bulkiness of the gear. Once he switched over to the an iPhone, he was able to create scenes. He photographs from the minifigure’s level by holding the camera upside down so that its lens is close to the ground. He notes the camera phone also allows him to have better depth of field even when focusing at a close distance.


Whyte takes photos from the minifigure’s perspective.

“One of my favorites is where the figure is sort of standing looking at a rainbow but not actually taking a photo; he’s just got his camera down by his side. And it’s kind of reminding us that…occasionally there’s views where you need to put your camera down and just look and take it all in.”

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  1. Stephen says:

    Thats pretty cool thanks for sharing. now I must go through my grandsons toys and give it a go.

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