Essential Items for Beginner Photographers

It is quite common for a beginner photographer to talk about gear. There’s this feeling that looms over beginner photographers that makes them feel that they should own everything they see. In reality, things don’t work that way. In fact, you don’t need much photography gear at all. For beginners, the less you have, the better off you may be. In today’s video, photographer James Popsys talks through the essentials a beginner photographer needs to turn their hobby into an obsession:

It’s usually the camera body and the lens that we spend the most time thinking about when starting out in photography. Popsys logically explains what you’ll need to consider when making a purchase. Besides the body and the lens, he also recommends you get a proper camera strap or a trap, and some sort of camera storage. You may not realize it but the strap/trap and the camera storage play an important role in keeping the camera within your reach and helping you take quicker photos.

When getting a camera, it’s best if you can get the one that lets you change lenses. It’s okay if the lens is fixed, as long as the lens has a variable focal length. That’s because being able to shoot at different focal lengths has certain advantages. First, it keeps you excited, as you get to work with different compositions comfortably. Second, you can also learn how focal lengths affect your subject and your composition.

When it comes to lenses, there’s a general notion that kit lenses are of poor quality. Thankfully, this isn’t the case these days; kit lenses can produce good results. They pack a good value for money and are more versatile. You don’t need to immediately get rid of them. Make the most use of kit lenses, and once you’re ready to upgrade, Popsys suggests you either go for a nifty 50 or a telephoto lens, depending on what you shoot.

If you’re struggling with what all to get or not to get, be sure to watch the complete video. The insightful inputs from Popsys will definitely help you out.

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