Essential Development for Lightroom 5

The industry leading photo editing program, Adobe Lightroom 5, can be very powerful once you learn the lay of the land. And presets can help you apply professional touches to your photo instantly which saves tons of time in post-processing.

essential development

Updated: Essential Development

This updated eBook & preset bundle is designed to help you learn some of the most effective techniques that can be done with Lightroom tools, and equip you with some professional grade presets for your arsenal.

Develop is the heart of Lightroom. It’s where the photos come to life. The left panel is more about management: Presets, Snapshots, History and, of course, Collections. The right panel is about the settings that control the look of the photo. Together they make a really powerful tool to draw the very best from your photos.

The aim of this eBook is not to have a rundown of what a tool does, but rather what we can use it for. Obviously there needs to be some explanation, so there is some of that. Even if you do understand a tool, there will be additional things like shortcuts that aren’t commonly known, so you’ll still pick up something as a more experienced user.

Topics Covered (125 pages):

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the Histogram
  • Back to Basics
  • Camera Profiles
  • Making White White
  • Beauty Retouching
  • Dodge and Burn for Beauty
  • Cross Processing
  • Achieving a Filmic Look
  • Image Toning
  • Cropping Inside & Outside the Image
  • Straightening Photos
  • Fixing Skies in Lightroom
  • Tilt Shift
  • Effective Sharpening
  • Reducing Image Noise
  • Correcting Lens Issues
  • Drawing eyes in: Vignette
pages from essential development

Pages from Essential Development

  • Presets: Making, Using and Saving, Presets as Building Blocks
  • Fixing More than One Photo
  • Edit in Photoshop
  • Conclusion
  • 100 presets with previews and explanations

These 100 presets comprise a range of building blocks and looks to help you get to your final image quickly. The whole premise of using a set like these is that you can see what the effect will be by hovering over the preset name and viewing the result in the Navigator window.

“Retro is big right now. Maybe we’re all nostalgic for the summer of ’76 or something, but the faded and toned looks of the past are really in. Instagram bagged a fortune when it sold, so somebody somewhere thinks it’s worth a packet. Lightroom offers a few ways to get these awesome looks.” Instructor Sean McCormack

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One response to “Essential Development for Lightroom 5”

  1. I have downloaded the Essential Development Package forLightroom 5 including the presets collection. I didn’t find the installation instructions inside the compressed file. Coulld you please let me know where to find it or give me a brief instruction on how to install the presets?
    Thanks a lot for assistance

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