Dynamic Photo Sessions Enhanced by Smoke

Photographing smoke brings along some of its own challenges, but in a recent photo shoot which entailed photographing ballerinas dancing through it, photographer Benjamin Von Wong was presented with a whole new set of problems. Having lost his flash triggers in Germany, Von Wong had to make do with what was available to him. Take a look at the following video to see how he persevered to get the job done:

Using his flashes as optical slaves, Von Wong managed to pull the photo shoot off and get some great photographs that are on course with the rest of his work.

dance photography

“We had to put all our flashes in optical slave. Since we were dealing with such a large space, the optical slaves being placed at the back of the units makes the optical triggering kind of hard. We daisy chained a bunch of speedlights to our studio strobes by clamping them to a stand.”

studio lighting

If you were wondering about the lighting app used in the video, it is called Sylights and is available as a free download in the iTunes store. It’s a very useful utility that allows you to replicate your light setup for future reference.

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