Dreamy Drone Footage Lets You Fly Over Iceland

You’ll feel like you’re having that dream where you’re flying effortlessly when you watch this video. Photographer Elia Locardi filmed this amazing footage using a drone and a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Watch the video to be transported to the magical land of Iceland:

Currently working on making a comprehensive tutorial, Locardi is traveling all over the world to share his knowledge of landscape photography. For this drone video, he explains that he shot at 30 frames per second but then slowed it down to 24 frames per second in post processing. This gave it a kind of dreamy effect.

“I can hardly believe that none of this footage was graded, enhanced, or stabilized in any way. The GoPro was left on ‘auto everything’ for every shot and it did an absolutely stunning job.”

iceland landscape
northern lights photo
photographer silhouette
Start planning your trip to Iceland; it’s hard not to be drawn to this country with epic landscapes like these.

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