Dog & Puppy Photography: 8 Tips for Great Results

Everyone of us loves our dogs; there’s no doubt about that. And everyone loves dog photos, as well. But, taking photos of dogs can be a challenging task considering how active they tend to be. COOPH teamed up with dog photographer Anne Geier to present 8 simple tricks to shoot stunning photos of our dogs in the video below:

Freeze the action

Dogs are best shot when they are actively involved in something. Shoot their photos while they are running, jumping, and fetching. Use a fast shutter speed to capture details in their movement and to avoid motion blur.

dog photography freezing action

Lower your perspective

A general rule of thumb in photography is to shoot from the subject’s eye level. This creates an engaging shot. The same rule applies while photographing dogs. Get down and shoot from the dog’s eye level and always be ready to get your clothes a little dirty.

dog photography low perspective

Focus through frames

Photographs where the subject is framed within some natural or artificial frames are very much pleasing to the eye. You can apply the same concept while photographing dogs. Find some openings and place the dog in there to get a visually pleasing photograph. Small bushes work equally well.

dog photography tips framing

Shoot from above

This totally contradicts the second trick that we had just discussed. But, photographs of dogs shot from a higher angle create a sense of curiosity.

dog photography tips high angle

Play with props

Just as we humans sometimes use props in our photos, using props for dog photography can add to the cuteness. Add some jazz to the shot with some fashionable or cute little props like a hat, sunglasses, or the dog’s favorite toy.

dog photography tips use props

Clone your dog

This is a technique in which you can take multiple shots by placing the dog in various positions within the frame and then later create a composite in post.

dog photography tips clone composite

Capture gestures

Interact with the dog so that they strike some visually appealing poses. If they can, make them stand on their hind limbs, or try to get a high five (umm… paw-five???).

dog photography tips gestures

Wide angle portraits

Use wide angled lenses to take photos of the dogs in their surroundings. Include the place where they play, rest, or go out for a walk. Even if you are photographing the dog at home, shooting a wide angle portrait will let you connect with the photograph.

dog photography tips wide angle portrait

What other tricks do you use to photograph dogs?

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