Documentary Celebrates Four Men Who Have Photographed Every Super Bowl

If you’re a sports photographer in the United States, the Super Bowl is undoubtedly the ultimate event. The Super Bowl is widely considered the mecca of sports photography, because of its sheer scale, magnitude, and fan following. A photographer would be incredibly lucky to get just one opportunity to actually shoot the big game. But there are four photographers who have been fortunate enough to photograph every Super Bowl in history:

John Biever, Walter Iooss, Mickey Palmer, and Tony Tomsic have photographed all the 48 Super Bowls (presumably, now 49!) ever played. (Via PetaPixel)

John Biever, Walter Iooss, Mickey Palmer, Tony Tomsic

John Biever, Walter Iooss, Mickey Palmer, and Tony Tomsic

To celebrate this fantastic streak in sports photography, ESPN Films and Original Content roped in celebrated sports photographer Neil Leifer to make a short film about them. In the words of VP and Executive Producer Connor Schell of ESPN, “There couldn’t be a better choice.”

photographers capture all 48 super bowls thus far

It’s an amazing journey, not only for these four very lucky photographers, but for the millions of football fans that they have enthralled over the years with their photography.

super bowl photography documentary

Unfortunately, the full documentary film, Keepers of the Streak, has already aired, so we’ll have to wait for reruns or hope that it will be available to stream soon. Did you catch it on ESPN?

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