Dedication to Photograph Rare Birds in the Wild

National Geographic photographers have always been known for having an extreme dedication to their profession. They go above and beyond the call of the average photographer, traversing unusual terrain and withstanding unfavorable weather conditions. Tim Laman is no exception to this group as he sets his goals, and himself, higher than the rest:

For his project, Birds of Paradise, Tim Laman had to climb a tree at night, twice: once to set up his “leaf-cam” and again to set up his blind, second camera, and laptop. Laman then has to wait in his little blind, sometimes for eight hours, for a bird to land. He’s not a small man either, standing in at six-foot and seven-inches, Laman truly shows dedication for his work.

behind the scenes bird photographerrare bird photo

“And I saw the shot download on my laptop and I said, ‘That’s it.’ I just, I knew I had it.”

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