New: The Creative Photography Cookbook

Just released, this 374-page ebook shows you how to capture 31 creative photos that are out-of-this-world. Which includes balance, levitation, steam, fire, splashes, typography and more. While using gear you already own, from the comfort of your home. It is currently 80% off for the launch sale if you want to check it out. Launch sale found here: The Creative Photography Cookbook at 80% Off

photography cookbook

New: The Creative Photography Cookbook (See Inside)

Meet Dina Belenko, The uncrowned queen of creative photography. Dina is one of those rare people who changes what it means to be a photographer.

Her style relies on creating unique compositions while telling magical stories about mundane objects.

She creates castles out of sugar cubes… writes messages in spilt coffee… builds solar systems out of donuts…

All from the comfort of her home.

With her new “Creative Photography Cookbook”, you’ll soon discover:

  • An unlimited source of creative inspiration for your own unique scenes
  • Fun ways to take photos from home, with basic gear and simple setups
  • Interesting ways to add character and mood to ordinary objects
  • How to use levitation to create cool and unusual images
  • The best way to use steam and fire for mystical and magical shots

It’s a common misconception that images like Dina’s rely on Photoshop.

photo cookbook shot

Photo Tutorials within the Guide

The truth is, outside of removing clamps and wires… Photoshop is rarely needed.

Dina focuses instead on the setup of the shot. She uses creative props and ordinary objects to make magical scenes.

They wanted to make the process of capturing these photos as easy as possible.

So their editorial and design team worked together to create recipe cards for each image.

The process is simple:

  1. Read through the detailed instructions in the ebook
  2. Print the single page recipe card
  3. Collect the ingredients
  4. Follow the simple steps

The recipes detail how to create each image, as well as the ingredients you’ll need, costs, and time-to-shoot.

creative food photos

Tutorial Images from the Photography Cookbook

Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef… these photography recipes make the process easy.

How to Get it for a Discount Today (Plus Bonuses):

It is currently 80% off for the launch sale which ends soon (normally $199, currently $39). They have also thrown in 2 bonus items during the launch sale. It all comes with an impressive 90 day happiness guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it.

Launch sale found here: The Creative Photography Cookbook at 80% Off

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