Corporate Portrait Photography

Corporate employees are generally busy people and don’t have much time to dedicate to getting their portraits taken. Because of this, many corporate photo shoots happen on location as a means of convenience. As a photographer undertaking the task of corporate portraits, there a few things you should know to save the talent time and keep them happy. Take a look at Jay P. Morgan’s video where he shares some invaluable advice:

A Few Things You Should Know:

  • Discuss the shoot with your client beforehand to settle the location and what type of background is best suited to their individual needs.
  • When working on the day’s schedule, allow plenty of time for travel, setup, individual and group portraits, and also breaking down the set. In many cases you’ll want to arrive before the offices open so that you can everything set up before the staff arrives.
  • Bring a few extra supplies such as a handcart for loading/unloading, a clothes rack for the talents’ change of clothing, and a spare tie to loan out if needed. Don’t forget a handheld mirror!

shooting on location

Because Morgan was shooting in a small room, he used a grid on his softbox to avoid lighting up the entire room. This will give you extra control of your lighting which can be crucial to a good portrait. Morgan also added an octodome as a rim light and studio head with grid for a background light to help add separation between the talent and the backdrop.

portrait photography

Don’t forget to get the office staff involved in the action, too! For the last photograph, Morgan invited them in to have some photographic fun to cap off the long day.

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2 responses to “Corporate Portrait Photography”

  1. James says:

    very helpful tips thank for the info

  2. Great tutorial! I usually take a make-up artist and find that helps people to feel beautiful not only on the outside, but they radiate beauty from the inside too.

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