Composite Photography for Large Commercial Clients

Composite photography is the art of taking multiple photographs and layering elements of them together, creating a unique digital image. The art not only takes a lot of time spent shooting on location, it also requires quite a bit of time spent in Photoshop, crafting the images together. Composite photography artist, Eric Almas, takes us on a behind the scenes look as he journeys to three locations to create an ad campaign for Credit Suisse Bank & Oxygen Scooters. Check out all the work that is put into the campaign in the following video:

And that was just the shooting phase of creating a¬†composite¬†image. Almas undoubtly spent multiple hours behind a computer making sure that every element of the image was perfectly in place. Here’s the finished product; what do you think?

composite photo advertisement

Completed Project for Credit Suisse Ad

“I love the process of crafting pictures more so than taking them. Taking pieces and parts and making what becomes a unique image rather than going to a location and just capturing. The process is to start with the background layer then add layers to that from a second location and the studio.There will be a lot of things that will evolve as we craft this image.”

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