Combining Fire with Fashion Photography

Ben Von Wong has released yet another pyrotechnic photography tutorial complete with behind the scenes footage and insights. As you may remember, Von Wong first captured our attention with his steel wool light painting tutorial and has since been supplying the internet with a steady stream of this highly specialized style of photography. The idea in the video below is to pair fire with fashion photography, a risky concept, but, after having a look at the finished images, a risk that more than pays off. Take a look:

For these photo shoots, Von Wong works with a professional fire artist Andrey DAS and highly stresses the importance of having someone well versed when it comes to working with fire should you decide to try some of these types of shots for yourself. It should go without saying that working with fire is incredibly dangerous and should only be done with the highest amount safety protocol.

long exposure

 “The one thing to keep in mind and always remember is that fire is a dangerous element. It can have unpredictable effects so be sure to surround yourself with professionals that know how to deal with fire. Things can change in a heartbeat and can often become quite dangerous if you don’t have control.”

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