Close To Home: New Photography eBook

close to home ebook

Close to Home eBook

Close To Home, Finding Great Photographs in Your Own Backyard, is the latest in the Craft & Vision eBook line-up. This inspiring ebook by Stuart Sipahigil is about the challenges of finding the extraordinary in what we’ve come to see as mundane. Taking great photographs does not require traveling to an exotic place.

By digging a little deeper and seeing things around you more clearly you can reinvigorate your photography and find new images in familiar territory. Through practical insights and creative exercises you’ll discover that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

This ebook provides photographers of all levels with the tools and encouragement you need to help you get out of the ruts we all fall into. Your city, your neighborhood, and even your backyard are all full of opportunities for great photographs. The goal of this ebook is to help you see those opportunities and the photographs that lie within them. Close to Home is 37 spreads of photographs, insights, and exercises that will inspire as you develop your own craft.

taking photos close to home

Close To Home, Finding Great Photographs in Your Own Backyard eBook

Stuart Sipahigil is an award-winning, published vocational photographer who shoots and teaches for the love of the craft. Stuart is an amateur photographer in the traditional sense of the word; that is, he does it for the love of the craft. His photographs have won awards, appeared in publications, and have made their way into homes and businesses around the country. Stuart also teaches workshops to help other amateur photographers find great photographs close to home.

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