Cinemagraph: How to Create a Moving Moment Within a Photograph

Cinemagraphs are known as “living moments in an otherwise still photograph.” By capturing a beautiful photograph and adding subtle motion, you have the perfect medium to show a small snippet of a moment and tell your story.

cinemagraph of wine glass

Cinemagraph (Via KatchUp and

Here is an infographic that covers everything on how it’s done:

how to make a cinemagraph infographic

Cinemagraph Infographic (Via KatchUp. Click image to see full size.)

Here are the takeaway tips on creating a cinemagraph:

  1. Use a tripod to steady your camera. This will dramatically improve the quality of your cinemagraphs.
  2. Frame your scene like you would a photo. A great cinemagraph would also make a great photo.
  3. Make sure your loop is smooth. This is perhaps one of the most difficult but essential parts of making a cinemagraph.
  4. Experiment! Don’t be afraid to step away from the common trends you’ll often see.
  5. Align your story with your audience’s interest.
  6. Less is more. Trim your footage down to under 100 frames.
  7. Use the right file format. MP4 is a much less resource intensive format for the web.

We’d love to see your creations. Share your cinemagraphs with us!

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