Chasing Light with the Official Photographer of Texas

Wild. Crazy. Complex. A Renaissance man. The real deal.

All of these words and phrases are often used to describe the official photographer for the state of Texas, Wyman Meinzer. At home among the wide open ranches and badlands, Meinzer has developed a profound connection with the wilderness—and he’s learned how to capture it with the help of his camera:

He began working as a hunter and trapper in the 70s as a means of supporting himself financially. At that time, he started to notice the way the dawn sunlight fell upon the peaks and valleys of the land and the way a single candle light could dramatically illuminate a person’s face.


Naturally, this fascination progressed into an interest in photography. A firm believer in the value of a hard day’s work, Meinzer had no issues when it came to motivating himself, practicing with his camera, and refining his artistic skills. Although he struggled for some time to get his work off the ground, by the mid 1980s he had become a regular fixture in National Wildlife magazine. Just over a decade later, Governor George W. Bush designated Meinzer the state photographer, a title which he still holds today.




Whether he’s photographing predators in the wilderness, fellow Texans, or expansive landscapes, it’s clear that Meinzer has a unique eye for capturing the free spirit of the countryside. A fervent artist without hesitation, he doesn’t simply record a fleeting instan, he dives head first and makes himself a part of the moment.


“I’ve been able to maintain this lifestyle of independence and freedom because it was instilled in me a long time ago…I have a passion for the land, passion for the wildlife, passion for conservation, and passion for big, wide-open country. It’s all entwined.”

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