A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Camera Bag

digital-camera-bagGood Camera Bags are crucial to the amateur and professional photographers alike. You’ve just spent time deciding on which digital camera to buy, now all you need to do is to find a suitable bag to protect your camera and your equipment.

Next to your Camera, a camera bag could well be the most important piece of kit you purchase. You certainly want to protect the camera you just spent your hard earned money on, and it also needs to be a safe and sturdy carrying case. It’s very important that your bag allows you to access your equipment easily and helps you organize your photographic equipment into compartments where possible. There are many different bags available, from Crumpler and Sony to Lowerpro and Domke, all in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and functions. Which bag is most suitable to you largely depends on the type and intensity of photography you undertake. For example a Landscape photographer will often find him or herself shooting in damp or wet environments, so a durable, waterproof bag is appropriate. However, a weekend photographer shooting family day outs would simply need a soft, padded bag, normally carried over one shoulder for ease.

A cam-bag should make carrying your camera easier, not more of a hassle. So make sure that you find a bag that fits your camera well and preferably has wide, padded straps for comfort. If you are just starting out, you may only need a simple basic camera bag that will just hold just your camera.

However, if you’re more experienced, or carry more kit than usual, such as lenses, filters etc, you will obviously need a larger bag capable of taking more weight. Ideally, you’re going to want one that can hold all of the accessories you use most. Normally a camera body, spare lens, cleaning cloth and memory card holder. Remember though, if your camera bag is going to be used to carry more than just a camera, you definitely want dividers in it. These make it easier to keep your accessories separate. Try to find a bag with an inner zip pocket which can be ideal for your car keys or money, when traveling on foot.

A very important factor often overlooked when choosing a camera bag is the ‘Zip’. Look for Bags with big tooth zips. These type are less likely to jam or stick if they get damp or dirty. Some of which are available with rain closures which protect the zipper from rain. There are also double closure Zips which open and fasten from both ends, great for shooting pictures on the move. Although the color isn’t crucial, it is worth thinking about subtle colors, these will undoubtedly draw less attention from potential thieves and also mid toned bags will not absorb heat as quickly as other colors in hot environments, which could cause possible problems with digital equipment.

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