Blind Photographer Shares His Creative Process

Going blind, Peter Eckert never knew he would become a photographer. He dances on the edge of perception and sees through sound and touch, gathering information and forming images much like a baby would. Considered profoundly blind, Peter is unable to see anything except for light effects such as lightning and spirals of light in his vision.

See how Peter Eckert shoots in the dark in the video below:

“The by-product is an image for sighted people, but the event is an image for me,” he says.

bling photographer shooting

His subject patiently waits until Peter can form the image in his mind. He works in the dark, which is quite unusual because photography is defined as the process of recording light. Though it may come across as odd to some, Peter’s creative process is his own, and his efforts to pursue his passion in photography despite his lack of vision are commendable.

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