Which Shot: Color Or Black And White?

black-color2When taking photos, do you prefer to capture shots using color imaging or black and white?

The debate over beauty and preference concerning color vs. black and white photography has raged for years. There are boisterous advocates of each. Traditionalists argue that black and white presents a more formal appearance than color photos. However, color photography displays the splendor of real life as we see it. The general trend has long been toward color. It is actually more simple today and cheaper to produce.

In decades past, that was not the case. It took a long period of time for the quality of color photography to surpass the results produced through black and white. And with a lengthy legacy of black and white pictures dating back prior to the US Civil War, critics of color pictures won the day. It wasn’t until the early 1990’s that the improved quality of color photographs made their greatest impact on the culture.

Color in Today’s Photographs

The renaissance of color photography brought forth the decline in the use black and white. Black and white gradually became the exception as the supply of film and equipment to develop them dwindled.

Photographers, both amateurs and professionals, use color to emphasize specific details displayed in pictures. And color affords much more flexibility in the portrayal of just about any subject, ranging from people, to animals, and inanimate objects.

The advancement in technology has made the output of color photography fairly outstanding. More than that color can capture details vividly, technology has enabled the conversion of black and white pictures into color as well.

black-colorResurgence of Black and White

Though it has seemed almost obsolete, black and white film has retained much of its original popularity in the world of photography. And it is experiencing a comeback in the industry. To many people, black and white captures some of the oft glossed over characteristics of its subjects that color disguises.

Black and white also adds a classy touch and historical feel to a picture. Print advertising and wedding pictures widely use black and white photographs. Moreover, photography classes use black and white to help explain the effects of light on film.

What Looks better with What?

There are photos more elegant when captured in color and others more emotional in black and white. Since technology enables us to take advantage of the benefits of each, using one of these photographic options typically dependents on personal preferences.

So we have choices. Normally photos of landscape, flowers, pets, butterflies, and other parts of the creation exhibiting a wide spectrum of color are best captured in color since it emphasizes the subject’s true strength and beauty.

Color photographs of wars, accidents and other such blood-filled or violent events, on the other hand, are too repulsive for many viewers, but much more palatable when observed in black and white.

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