Behind the Scenes: Movie Poster Photo Shoot with Professional Dancers

Now this isn’t the sort of behind the scenes video you get to see every day. For the photographer, New York based Monte Isom, it was pretty exciting as well. When Summit Entertainment contacted Isom about shooting the key art for their upcoming film Step Up All In, he knew exactly what to expect. He has photographed dancers before, so he knows that they take directions to the letter:

Apart from the session he had on the ‘dry set’, the team also created a water tank complete with fountains to mimic the one in front of the Bellagio in order to capture the theme of the movie which is set in Las Vegas.

photographing dancers for movie posters

Dynamic movements of the dancers accentuated the water spray effect.

photographer dancers

Step Up All In Photo Shoot

The water tank is where the entire cast and the crew had the most fun. The spraying water brought through by dynamic movements from the dancers helped in capturing some fantastic shots.

how to shoot images for movie poster

The original image and the edited movie poster

This short video above was just a glimpse of all the energy that was there on the sets. Isom never needed to give the cast of dancers any directions. He just let them know their mark and literally gave them the license to be themselves. That resulted in some of the best shots of the day.

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