Beginner Photographer Mistakes

We all make mistakes. Nothing new about that. And when starting out as a photographer, you’ll be making a lot of them. Nothing to worry about with that either. Mistakes are how you’re supposed to learn. The important thing is to be aware of the mistakes that you’ve made as a photographer and actively look for ways to rectify them. Doing so is the only way you can grow.

And yes, it can be difficult at times to identify your own mistakes. This is where a helping hand, a guide, or a mentor can play a big role. To help you out, photographer and filmmaker Henbu shares some of the mistakes that beginner photographers make. Follow along and see if you’ve been making any of them:

One big, and expensive mistake that beginner photographers make is that they want to acquire the best gear right away. But, keep in mind that using expensive gear does not make you any better. Instead, it’s a good idea to invest your time and resources in learning basic photography principles, and in sharpening your skill sets. Learn to make the best use of whatever gear you already have.

“In all honesty, gear can only get you so far. It’s only a small piece of the entire massive puzzle.”

Today, photography is not only about taking photos. What you need to realize is that post processing is an equally important part of the equation. Learn how to adjust your exposure, colors, and contrast depending on how you want the final images to appear. Don’t just shoot what’s right there. Instead, think of the possibilities that are in the frame.

“When you start to understand how to edit, and how much you can push a photo, you start to see different possibilities.”

And finally, don’t spray and pray. Before you take any photo, think of why you are taking it. Does it tell a story? Is there anything interesting happening in the frame? Will the image appear better if you move around a little? Putting in the effort by asking yourself such questions is an effective way to improve yourself.

“Know what you want and ask yourself how you can get there.”

Have you been making any of these photography mistakes without realizing it?

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