Beauty Photography: 5 Makeup Tips

Portrait, fashion and beauty photographers can tell you how big a role makeup plays in their craft. A good makeup artist can save you hours of post-processing work. But not all photographers are makeup experts. So in today’s interesting video, photographer Kayleigh June shares five important things that you should pay attention to when getting your subject’s makeup done. Whether your makeup artist is a professional or someone who’s just starting out, June’s tips will give you some insights into what you should be aiming for:

It is very easy to go overboard with makeup without realizing the negative impact it has on your photos. It is essential to ensure that the makeup retains the natural look and skin textures of the model’s face—generally speaking, in portrait photography, this is what matters most.

In this context, June shares tips on how you should plan out the makeup process with the makeup artist. Aim to make the images appear as natural as possible. This means using the right amount of foundation and a dewy mist, and not being too precise with everything. She also shares some interesting tips on how you can manage the model’s eyebrows and avoid using heavy fake lashes to keep things on the simpler side.

“Sometimes, with beauty photography, you have to take away the standards of perfection a little bit in certain areas.”

If you or your makeup artist is new to beauty photography, be sure to watch the complete video. June’s makeup tips will definitely help you out to achieve beautiful images with magazine-quality results.

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