Basics of HDR Photography

HDR photography might not be for everyone–Kai, for example–but, that’s not keeping him from making a fun video introduction to the basics of the technique. As usual, the host keeps things quirky as he goes about showing viewers how HDR photographs are made, including a process which you can do in Photoshop without having to drop more money on special HDR software. Get ready to laugh as you watch the following video:

In Kai’s photograph below, you can see how all areas in the image were essentially exposed “properly”. HDR keeps the sky from blowing out and the shadows from becoming too black.

high dynamic range

“HDR does have its place in photography. It’s about bridging the gap that limits what we can do with the equipment we have. One that has been somewhat stigmatized by the incredibly color infused images you see when you search for HDR photos on the Internet.”

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