Aviation Photographer: The Coolest Job Ever

So, I had every intention of watching this new video and writing an informative, inspired article relating to aviation photography. But I was so inspired, in fact, that I may give up writing entirely and follow in my new hero’s footsteps, so this could very well be my letter of resignation.

Check out this video about pilot and aviation photographer Jessica Ambats to see what I’m talking about, and prepare to be blown away:

OK, resignation aside, I’m serious about Jessica Ambats being my new hero. How amazing is it that she can take photography and flying and combine them to make up one of the coolest jobs imaginable?

Jessica’s job is air-to-air photography, a risky, rush-inducing kind of aerial photography that requires shooting from a photoship, which is really just a killer name for a plane with no doors.

jessica ambats

Battling the cold, high winds, noise, and crazy conditions that come along with being at the mercy of the elements–not to mention gravity–in a high-flying airplane, is apparently worth it. With nothing but a harness holding her in, Jessica sits next to the open door and shoots planes and pilots as they fly next to her — I mean, right next to her, sometimes as close as 20 feet away!

aerial photography

Photography is already an incredibly creative and inspiring profession and hobby, but imagine being able to shoot something you love, something so breathtaking and intense and adrenaline-pumping, every day. That’s what Jessica does, and she loves it. Rightfully so.

“My goal is to capture the beauty of flight; what makes air-to-air photography different is you’re up there with this flying machine in its element, watching an awesome pilot as your wingman. I’ve got the best seat at my own personal air show.”

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4 responses to “Aviation Photographer: The Coolest Job Ever”

  1. Chris says:

    This is truly amazing. Count this as my letter of resignation as well.

  2. mike penney says:

    I am really impressed… with the photography, of course… but in my experience getting pilots to do what you need them to do practically requires a miracle and or some sort of hypnotic power over them (boats and planes both).

  3. Mike Boshier says:

    Holly sh*t!

    What a job!!!!

  4. Would love to do this type of job what is required and how could I apply? based in Houston Texas near the Sugarland Area. I’m a aviation photographer all my pictures are shot by me and edited by me as you can see on my Instagram page @KIAH_Aviation

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