Autumn Leaves Macro Photography Tips

As fall kicks up, the trees have already begun shedding their leaves. The beauty of these unique leaves is how they change colors to beautiful yellow, brown and even gold. While it is usually a good idea to photograph places where trees decorated with beautiful autumn-colored leaves, another approach can be to photograph just the fallen leaves. Photographer Mike Moats shares some of his tips and tricks to help you take beautiful photos of this natural image:

Moats likes to photograph leaves on the bank of a stream. The composition there gives an interesting perspective to the image. Their colors and the fact that they’ve fallen on the water hints at the coming of winter in a subtle way.

As Moats emphasizes in the video, it is a good idea to take your longer lens with you when photographing autumn leaves. In case they’re in the part of the water where you can’t reach, the long focal length will come in handy. But definitely use your macro lens if the leaves are close by. You can get exquisite details that way. Also, be sure to vary your exposure and aperture for the same composition and take multiple shots. This will give you a good number of choices to select from.

To see some examples of the shots of fallen leaves that Moats has taken, be sure to watch the full video. You’ll get a better understanding of the concepts that way. And if you too have a park nearby, you should definitely try out this technique.

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