Analog Asia: One Man’s Return to 35mm Film

Just hours before having to catch his flight to Indonesia, Canadian travel photographer Zac Turgeon decided to take his 35mm film camera along with him. Little did he know that combining his film photography with video would land him a staff pick award on Vimeo:

These days the idea of traveling with a film camera rarely crosses anyone’s mind. I mean, the photos are hard to develop on the road (or even in your own hometown), you only get so many exposures, and film photography is infinitely less convenient for anyone who’s grown up with digital. Yet now, post-trip Turgeon says bringing along his 35mm camera on his trip to Southeast Asia “has undoubtedly been the best decision of my life.”

Film camera in Asia

Turgeon himself admits that he works primarily in digital formats; bringing along his film camera was done on more of a whim than anything else. Yet he loved the results.

What do you think? Was it worth it? Would you ever opt to bring a film camera on a trip these days?

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One response to “Analog Asia: One Man’s Return to 35mm Film”

  1. David DeFino says:

    I love film, and always prefer to shoot it. I still use my medium format film cameras, and still have my darkroom.
    I don’t think you are a real photographer if you don’t shoot 35mm some of the time. Digital is cheap and easy, but it lacks in quality and soul.

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