An Inside Look at Pro Photographers

To coincide with the release of the new Nikon D5, director Corey Rich created the short film, INSPIRED, which is shot entirely on the D5 and explores the creative process of five of today’s most well-known professional photographers and filmmakers. Rich traveled around the U.S. for over a month to film these amazing artists, capturing the fast paced worlds of New York City fashion, Italian motor racing and professional sports, as well as the wonderful landscapes of Nebraska and Alaskan wildlife:

Matthias Hangst – Sports Photographer

Matthias Hangst creates iconic sports pictures and admits he’s a bit obsessed about the process. As he says, when you open the paper the next day after shooting an event, you’ll know if you’ve done a good job or if someone else has done a better job.

Matthias Hangst photo

“I try to be as good as every athlete in his world.”

professional sports photography

Ole Jorgen Liodden – Wildlife Photographer

Ole Jørgen Liodden prefers to be in the field, to see everything live, and spends much of his time photographing wildlife in extreme weather conditions in Alaska.

Ole Jørgen Liodden photo

“Like the grizzly bears – some people think they are monsters and some think they are pets, and I want to show their real life, their real way of living.”

alaska grizzly bear photo

Bill Frakes – Filmmaker/Photojournalist

Bill Frakes has worked in every U.S. state and for him, Nebraska is the gold standard.

Bill Frakes filmmaker

My job as a photojournalist and filmmaker is to accurately portray and record the human condition; my hope is that they’ll say ‘he makes me think.’

professional photojournalism photo

Mirco Lazzari – Motorsports Photographer

Mirco Lazzari received a plastic toy camera as a kid and immediately fell in love with photography. He says the first time he ever took a picture of a car, it was unbelievable.

Mirco Lazzari photo

“The sound of the engine is like music for us.”

professional motorsports photo

Dixie Dixon – Fashion Photographer

Dixie Dixon finds beauty in everything and everyone. She loves seeing a concept she has dreamed up come to life.

Dixie Dixon photo

“When I’m shooting a person, they are the most important and most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.”

professional fashion photography

These five incredibly talented photographers and filmmakers live and breathe their art. The drive to be better is what keeps them going every day. It is what inspires them.

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