An Amazingly Inspirational 6 Year Self Portrait Timelapse

In this amazing compilation of photos, Becky Brown uses the photo-a-day concept to chronicle her struggles with depression, trichotillomania, and dermotillomania. In just four minutes, Brown takes us on a remarkably honest and emotionally vulnerable trip through her life over the last six and a half years:

Brown started chronicling her life when she was just 14 years old. At that time, she didn’t have her own camera and had to rely solely on her cell phone and webcam. She made the commitment not to give any fake smiles, nor artificially remove any of the spots or blemishes caused by her diseases. In fact, the only editing that was done in Photoshop is color correction, addition of text, and blurring of some of the faces of other people in the photos. (Via PetaPixel)

The result of her perseverance is a vulnerable and sometimes poignant testimonial to the resilience of the human spirit.


Brown started the project at age 14.

“There are days, though, where I struggle to take photos, due to depression, suicidal periods, or due to low self esteem caused by my marks and hair loss.”

Much of Brown’s work (this video included) is intended to bring awareness to the disease trichotillomania, a complex hair disorder causing a person to be compelled to tear out their hair strand by strand. Though this particular video doesn’t show the most extreme damage (most of the hair loss is on her crown and the sides), the simple honesty of her expressions gives voice to her struggles.


Brown strives to bring awareness to trichotillomania.

On top of that, several million people have been made aware of this disorder through this one video alone.

“I’d rather look back and see a project filled with honesty, than seeing 2,000 photos of fake smiles.”

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