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There is no single recipe for a great outdoor image.  Every scene is different, and each photographer employs a unique style and creative spin on the subject. But there are some key ingredients that this new book covers. In this guide, the author takes you behind-the-scenes for 12 adventure and outdoor images. It can be found here: Behind the Action

adventure photography

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For each example, the author (professional adventure photography Dan Bailey) walks you through the entire shoot. He lists the exact gear, the specific concept that he had in mind, the creative approach, the technical execution and all the details that went into bringing the shot to life. In some of the situations he will even show you the outtakes that led up to the one keeper of the series.

The Examples Covered, How to Photograph:

  • Cross Country Skiers
  • Trail Runners
  • Backcountry Snow Sport Conditions
  • Glacier Climbers
  • Skiers in Motion
  • Portraits in Snow/Glacier Conditions
  • Rock Climbing
  • Mountain Bike Portraits in Low Light Conditions
  • Mountain Bike Photograhy in the Snow
  • Documenting a Glacier
  • Hiking
  • Forest Condition Mountain Biking

Hopefully, by the end of this 64 page virtual workshop, you’ll have some insight as to how some adventure photographers create their imagery and an expanded bag of tricks which you can apply to your own photography. He goes into the following topics on each and every photograph in the guide:

adventure photo guide

Pages from the Adventure Photography Guide (Click to See More)

  • concept – The ideas behind the image and what he was trying to achieve.
  • gear – An exact inventory of what gear was taken and what was used.
  • light – Dan’s assessment of the light in each situation and what challenges it presented.
  • approach – Dan’s unique style and how he achieves it on each shot
  • execution – What ACTUALLY happened after all the planning.
  • final thoughts – Reflections on what went right (and wrong).
  • post processing – Exactly what was done in the digital darkroom.
  • quick tips – thoughts on how to get these results for yourself

Dan Bailey is a full time outdoor, adventure and travel photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska. Before turning pro in 1996, he worked as photo editor for a Boston Stock agency, which gave him a solid and understanding of what makes for successful imagery.

How to Get a Copy:

The guide comes in PDF format that can be read on computers, phones and most tablet computers.

It can be found here: Behind the Action – Creating Adventure Imagery, Step by Step

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