Accenting Light in Photos with Topaz Star Effects

Star Effects from Topaz is designed to help you bring out the best of any light sources in your photograph. With a variety of options for modifying sources of light, you can easily add a creative or dramatic flare to lights or reflective surfaces to draw attention. Found here: Topaz Star Effects

topaz star effects

Topaz Star Effects for Accenting Light (Click to Learn More)

There are some photos with powerful elements that grab your attention. You almost can’t look away.

A great way to achieve this in your own work is to add light effects that naturally accentuate your photo, like light rays, lens flares, and sun beams.

See more example photos here: Photos Processed with Topaz Star Effects

Some of the unique features in Topaz Star Effects:

  • Great lighting effects – Choose from a variety of beautiful star effects like traditional, starburst, cross, hollywood, and more.
  • Auto-detect light sources – Use a single click to apply your lighting effect at exactly the right place in your photo.
  • Completely customizable – Adjust any part of the light effect that you can think of, and never create the same effect twice.

Topaz specifically designed this product to make this process easy. Star Effects includes features to create natural and compelling lighting effects that will make your photos shine.

How to Get a Copy:

The tool is very easy to install and then appears under your filters menu in Photoshop or other programs.

It can be found here: Topaz Star Effects

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2 responses to “Accenting Light in Photos with Topaz Star Effects”

  1. Mike Penney says:

    Topaz Adjust seems to work OK. Black and white seems to work OK…. But Topaz detail and Topaz star effects are pretty much crap and crash all the time. They seem to only work on little bitty jpgs.

  2. Ted Liette says:

    Can this tool be used with Lightroom 5?

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