A Trick for Simulating Even Outdoor Lighting in the Studio

Kevin Lynch, an entertainment advertising photographer, has discovered an interesting way to achieve even, fully adjustable lighting in his portrait photography by expanding on the idea of a lightbox. Take a look at the pro photographer’s system in this quick behind-the-scenes look at the lighting setup in action:

By essentially making a huge lightbox—big enough for people to stand inside—Lynch has full control of the lighting over a large area, which makes a world of difference when your subject needs to be moving around. Since the light stays the same regardless of where a person stands inside the lightbox, capturing action shots is a lot easier to do.


Lynch stands in front of his giant light box.

The lightbox can be fitted with any color of backdrop and flooring, so it allows for plenty of flexibility.

studio lighting techniques

The lighting method is great for moving subjects.

“I like getting things in camera, not in post. That’s really something I believe. The mood, the feeling, the lighting everything in camera.”

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