A Stop Motion Parisian Love Story on Stationary Bikes

One morning in Paris, when everyone else is rushing off to work, a young man gets on his stationary bike and takes a leisurely ride through the bustling streets. While enjoying the slow, laid back ride, he encounters a young woman on her own stationary bike. It’s love at first sight for him, and the pursuit begins. Un Petit Tour Dans Paris is a funny, romantic stop motion film produced and directed by Maxime Baudin. The film has a Charlie Chaplin-like feel as the young man tries to catch the beautiful woman:

Baudin shot the film over two days in Paris with a Canon 7D, capturing 1,800 RAW photos to create the frames. He wanted to show the hustle and bustle of the world around the two bicyclists, so he used 2.5-second long exposures to blur the background activity.

stationary bike stop motion short film

As Baudin told Fstoppers,

“The animation part is obviously like a Charlie Chaplin: a mix between reality and cartoon movements. Regarding the colors, we can find the shades of yellow often used in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s films. Michel Gondry is also a huge inspiration for me, because of his effects in his films.”

Un Petit Tour Dans Paris is a cute little film that came from a big idea and a lot of planning, and the result is incredibly charming!

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