A Photographer’s Impressive First Timelapse Project Exploring Jersey For 10 Months

There are many, many traits needed to be a successful photographer. One of the most important of these is patience. Photographers need patience to learn their camera, their subject, their lighting, and their environment. They also need it to deal with clients, find time to shoot for themselves, and progress in the industry. Lastly, photographers sometimes need patience just to capture the beauty around them. Great moments don’t always last a second or a minute. Sometimes they last hours, days, or weeks. Photographer Jack Fusco knows this kind of patience. After ten months, 40+ hours of shooting, and over 5,000 photos later, Fusco has created a beautiful timelapse entitled Home At The Shore:

Fusco’s patience has definitely paid off as many sites have picked up his video including Universe Today and National Geographic.

Tips for Night Time Timelapses:

  • Scout Locations At Night – This may seem obvious, but even though a scene may look beautiful during the day, it may not be so much at night, and vice versa. Try to scout all your locations beforehand so you can get an idea of the lighting and surroundings.
  • Watch the Weather – If stars are what you’re after, you’ll want to avoid cloudy nights. Also be sure to check the moon phases if you’re looking to capture it or if you need it to light up your scene.
  • Test Your Shutter Speed – You’ll most likely need a slow shutter speed since you’re shooting at night, but do some test shots to see how it will affect your scene. A long shutter speed will blur stars (among other moving objects) which you may or may or may not want.
  • Be Patient – Not every shoot will go the way you plan. Clouds may come in out of nowhere or your lens may fog over in the middle of your shoot. But be persistent and patient and you’ll find what you’re after.
night time beach photography timelapse video 10 month project shore

Subtle camera movements that match the flow of the music can create an engaging timelapse

Remember that you don’t have to do everything at once. Break your projects up into chunks to make them more manageable. Planning, shooting, and editing don’t all have to take place within a week or even a month.

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One response to “A Photographer’s Impressive First Timelapse Project Exploring Jersey For 10 Months”

  1. Aaron says:

    I would like to know what beaches he was able to access at night legally. The NJ beaches I have been to have been patrolled by cops at night.

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