A Fascinating Glimpse Inside the Making of a Fuji Lens

We all know how important high-end lenses are, how they can bring our photos to life, imbuing them with a sharpness and depth of color that ordinary lenses just can’t emulate. But did you ever wonder how these amazing little pieces of glass are made? In case it’s crossed your mind, Fujifilm just came out with a beautiful video granting us a rare glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes during lens creation:

Just imagine the care and attention—not to mention technology—that goes into crafting these extraordinary instruments of our passion and profession. Fuji employee Atsushi Hiroki sums it up:

“Lenses are extremely delicate and have to be handled carefully, just like they are alive.”

Making a Fujinon Lens

In a world where it’s easy to take the creation of our abundant technology for granted, this video reminds us that there’s a whole world behind each and every lens we buy.

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