A Conflict Photographer Changed by Fatherhood

Photojournalist Benjamin Lowy has seen corners of the world that many of us never have the opportunity to witness. He’s visited countries far from home, explored what lies beneath the surface of the ocean, and placed himself smack in the center of war and conflict for the sake of telling a story. But it was the birth of his sons that most significantly shook up his perception through his camera’s lens:

In this touching tribute, Lowy explains how he balances exploration and adventure with his responsibilities as a father. As a journalist, he must follow a story wherever it happens to lead him. This comes with a certain amount of sacrifice as a parent; every moment spent making images is a moment of growth Lowy misses out on.

With his professional and personal life in direct contention, mediating emotions and priorities can be difficult. While he still seeks to push boundaries as an artist, a newfound sense of self preservation contests Lowy’s willingness to take risks.

parenthood silhouette

There’s no simple solution to juggling photography and parenthood. Yet, as Lowy states, it’s not necessary to sacrifice one for the sake of the other. His assignments have become much more than simply telling a story. Through photographs, he captures a slice of the world and brings it back to inspire and teach his children about the many wonders this life has to offer.

“Wherever I go, I promise them three things: I’ll be home soon, I’ll call them every night, and I’ll bring them back something unique.”

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