7 Mistakes to Avoid in Landscape Photography

Mistakes are an indispensable part of the learning process. They’re also an indication that you’re actually putting in some effort. In photography, we can see photographers making a lot of mistakes, and that’s fine. What’s not fine is if we continue repeating those mistakes and not bother to improve. In this video, landscape photographer Nigel Danson talks about 7 photography mistakes that many photographers make and ways to avoid them:

Danson touches on a fundamental yet critical aspect of photography in this discussion – composition. After all, it’s the composition that determines the success or failure of an image. Settings and techniques come later.

“You could leave your camera on full auto and still get amazing photos. But composition is that thing that’s just a little bit trickier.”

Starting off with the concept of having a sense of balance in an image, Danson explains what impact it has, and how you can achieve balance in your image. He then explains the importance of foreground, and how having a foreground that seamlessly connects with the midground and the background can elevate your photography.

Every image should have an element where the viewers’ eyes can rest for a bit. This is the hero of the image – the subject. Be sure to have at least one compelling element in the scene. Having too many subjects is not a good idea either. Competition dilutes the overall essence of the image. This brings us to another important topic of keeping things simple when composing. Otherwise, the image will feel cluttered and make no sense.

Besides these, Danson also covers a range of other topics with examples to help you understand better. Be sure to go through the video to have an in-depth understanding of the mistakes you should be avoiding when starting out in photography.

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