5 Things You Should Never Do When Taking a Selfie

Admit it, we’ve all taken a selfie. And while we’re being candid, let’s go ahead and let it be said that most selfies are pretty much rubbish. That being said, the craze has become so mainstream the Oxford Dictionary inducted the word selfie into its pages. In order to make the world a better place, Kai has made it a point to talk about five things you should avoid when taking a selfie. Take a look at the humorous video below to see how you can do your part:

The 5 Major Don’ts of the Selfie

  1. Selfie photo bombing. While slightly amusing, selfie photobombing can also be done in bad taste–like the girl who selfied herself with the a man jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.
  2. Wrong place, wrong time. There’s a time and a place for everything. For example, a funeral definitely isn’t the time or the place.
  3. Too much face. Composition is king.You’re selfie probably won’t be a candidate for a fine art gallery, but composition still matters. Try to max out the amount of yourself in the photo to 30 percent. Don’t let your face overwhelm the image; let the subject and background share some of the glory, too!
  4. Weird angles. Using a strange perspective doesn’t always translate to creativity. When taking a selfie, more often than not, weird angles have negative effects on the image.
  5. Ignoring your audience. It’s not all narcissism. (Or, at least, it shouldn’t be.) Remember, you’re not the only one looking at the selfie. Avoid boring selfies. Make sure your image has something of interest that isn’t just you!
Nearly everyone is guilty of taking a selfie.

Nearly everyone is guilty of taking a selfie.

Remember, if you must take a selfie, at least make sure it’s a good one!

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