5 Easy Camera Hacks

You don’t always need fancy, expensive camera gear to be creative with your photography. There are a bunch of cool things you can do to add artsy and eye-catching effects with simple everyday items. Here, Cape Town-based photographer Sheldon Evans shows us five easy camera hacks using things you can find in your own home:

1. Plastic Bag Softbox

Get rid of harsh lighting by making a softbox out of a plastic grocery bag. Add a little air and tie up the bag, then hold it over the camera’s flash as you shoot.

plastic bag softbox photo

2. Towel Video Slider

This is a great one for any videographer. Just grab a towel and lay it flat on a table; put your camera on it and pull the towel across the table as you film your subject.

towel video slider photo

3. Fake Macro Bokeh

Google bokeh images and find one you like. Then place an object in front of your computer screen with the bokeh effect in the background and start shooting.

fake bokeh effect photo

4. Lens Flares

Still have some old CDs? Hold one up under the lens to create awesome lens flares.

lens flare effect photo

5. Matchstick Film Burn

Light a match and hold it just off to the side of the lens (but far enough away not to damage it!) as you shoot. This will create a cool film burn effect in the image.

matchstick film burn photo

Pretty simple, right? These are just a few easy things you can do to add super creative effects to your photos. What are some of your favorites?

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